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Leapfrogs vill följa alla beviljade entreprenörer och deras affärsidéer och denna blogg är ett verktyg för det. Samtliga personer som tar emot en Grodcheck kommer själva att berätta vad som händer och vilka utmaningar och framgångar de är med om.

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JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj ons, september 19, 2012 11:44:59
Hej again,

The phase two of the competition is closed and now and we manage to get many people to vote for us. It was a tuff job marketing and making people to vote. Now we just keep our fingers crossed and hope we can get to the third phase. Which means that we will get advice and devolop a full plan on how to move on.

Best wishes,


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JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj sön, september 16, 2012 15:57:47

Jobgration made it to the second stage of Ideajakten. During this week it has been the process of people voting on the idea they like most. In order to get to third stage we need to have many votes. There will be only ten ideas going to the third stage, where they will get coaching and in the fourth stage there will be one winer of 100.000 kr plus office space and coaching. The voting will end the 18 so please before that vote for Jobgration. We would be so thankful if you would do so.

Here you find the link where you can vote. http://idejakten.se/vote/jobgration/

You vote by clicking the 5th star.

Best wishes,


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JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj mån, september 10, 2012 17:25:17
Hej everyone,

Hope you have a great week and hope that everything has gone well with your projects.

When I moved to Sweden almost two years ago I never thought I was going to start up a company it felt to big and difficult for me. How in the world would i manage to run a company in a foreig country? But here I am today starting a company which is almost 8 months old. We now are passing from the phase of starting to the running. Now we have our first customers and I feel that we learn something new everyday. From every meeting and mingle that we go. Like last week for example when we participated in the opening of Somali Bussines Center, or spreading information at Konvux and Hälsingsille. Everything its just amzing and I want to thank everyone that has helped us during this journey.
I also want to tell that now we have a new partner that joined our company. Her name is Emma Johansson.
When we started Jobgration one of our main goals is to change attitudes of companies towards employment of internationals. To do this is hard and it takes time, but we are happy that we have people that believe on us and happy to see that people want to join and help us.

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Work, Work, Work....

JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj mån, augusti 20, 2012 11:25:20

Work, Work, Work……..

Last week was the first one that we started to work as Job coachers. It was very exciting but at the same time very tiring. I spent most of last week recruiting people to work in a Somali center. We are looking for a person that has knowledge about Sweden and Somalia and that has leaved in Sweden no more than 36 weeks. So feel free to tip us if you know any one that might be interested.

Being a job coach means that we need to help our clients with:

-Creating contacts and a network that helps them get closer to the Swedish job market

- Help them understand how the Swedish working life looks like by organizing different activitities such as: study visits, social activities, help to write CV, how to behave when you go to a jobinterview etc.

- Help with other practical things.

In order to achieve all this we are working on creating a toolbox with different materials which will help us and the people we are coaching.

That’s all for now, See you next week

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Time for good news...

JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj tis, augusti 14, 2012 13:15:19


This week has been a good week. We got the good news that we are going to be Jobcoaches contracted from the Employment office. This means that we can start having our first incomes. That feels great. We have been signing the contract and completing our application on the website. We have also started to search for the first ones that we are going to help find a job. I have been putting posters around Lund and hope people will contact us. A sample of our poster:

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JobgrationSkapad av Kerstin Fredriksson fre, augusti 10, 2012 08:25:55
Den senaste tiden har det dessvärre varit glest mellan mina blogginlägg, hoppas att jag istället kan gläja er med goda nyheter. Igår fick vi ett efterlängtade beskedet att vi har blivit godkända i en upphandling med Arbetsförmedlingen som coacher för nyanlända arbetssökande. I korthet innebär det att vi kan påbörja den del av vår affärsmodell där vi även får in pengar för att coacha och handleda, där Arbetsförmedlingen istället för en arbetsgivare är vår kund. Detta är efterlängtat då vi egentligen hade tänkt att denna verksamhet skulle vara det initiala i Jobgration. Jag skriver på kontraket idag så kan vi förhoppningsvis börja handleda kandidater i nästa vecka.

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Planning for the next months…..

JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj tis, augusti 07, 2012 10:39:48

In my last post I talked about validation, the process and the time needed to validate a diploma in Sweden. I researched a bit more about this during this week and now I am in contact with a researcher that has made a study about validation. I will meet her this week and she is happy to share with us her findings. I will post some of them here next week, I am sure it is going to be very interesting. For many people the summer holidays soon will be finished and work will start again. We have been planning on how we will proceed in the coming months. Some of the things we need to do are:

· Find 2 people to employ for Herbet Felix Institute during September

· Participate in in the job fair Arkad that LTH organizes and as well organize workshops for the international students at LTH

· We will also participate at FARAD, another fair organized by the technique faculty.

· Book meetings with different HR responsible in companies that are interested to employee internationals.

As you see the month look intensive but it is better to have a lot to do then nothing J. Working under stress motivates me more.

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The importance of being motivated...

JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj mån, juli 30, 2012 22:50:07

The week that I just left behind was one of the hardest ones to concentrate at work. It was the first week in such a long time when I felt that summer had really come to Sweden. It was impossible to concentrate when at the same time people were running to the beach. So I took time to motivate myself by reading different articles and methods that could make our business idea work better. I was reading a lot about validation. How does it work, how long it takes, and different articles written about this theme. Validation of the diploma is one of the major problems for many internationals that live in Sweden. For some reason it takes so long time to validate a diploma into the Swedish system, and in order to better help our candidates, we need to know all about it. In this way we can maybe come up with a faster and inovative way of making the procedure faster. Beside that working with the website and booking meetings with HR responsible in different companies so that when the new semester starts, we are ready as well.

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Facing what is considered boring….

JobgrationSkapad av Alma Cullhaj mån, juli 23, 2012 22:21:59

It is interesting how everything stops in Sweden during July. Everyone is in holiday, so even the ones working can’t really do much because every email or phone call you make you receive back an out reply: On holidays, coming back 1 of August.

For us at Jobgration it has been good because in this way we have time to focus on administrative things that get forgotten on the way when there is a lot to do and from the entrepreneurs view quite boring to deal with. Swedish summer is the best time to face things like that. I have also been working with the website, coming up with different suggestion on how to make it more useful

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JobgrationSkapad av Kerstin Fredriksson mån, juli 23, 2012 10:43:13
Den gångna vecka har varit något frustererande. Jag märker att det finns efterfrågan för de tjänster som Jobgration erbjuder och därför många affärsmöjligheter. Men det går sakta. Sverige och därmed våra kunder har dessvärre stängt för semester. Jag har i ett tidigare inlägg beskrivit att det aldrig går som planerat, det dyker upp nya möjligheter och hinder som ändrar den tänkta vägen. Nu är mycket stängt för semester och det gäller att sysselsätta sig med saker som ger företaget något då det man tänkt göra inte är möjligt för tillfället. I veckan kommer jag därför skriva en debattartikel om integration kopplat till Jobgrations verksamhet. Artikeln kommer bli mitt bidrag i en tävling av tankesmedjan Fores och Sveriges resurser och kan leda till ett möte med integrationsminister Erik Ullenhag.

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