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The Horror at MS AuroraSkapad av Calle Leppäjoki tis, juli 17, 2012 23:13:22

Its been a very active day at the office. We have made it past a milestone, that I was a bit worried about, but now that its passed I'm relieved. We got a very clear path ahead of us, and we are in fact still on schedule! It has taken us a huge amount of enery to pull off what we have done, and the need for rest is growing. But now that we are so close to completion, we need to focus on the tasks ahead and make our final push. We are actually soon done with the development. The last few bugs to solve and the last content to implement is up next.

We have also set up a nice system for bug-tracking, which is still only internal. I'm looking forward to QA. Its going to be tough, but a lot of fun. Our main concern right now is to correctly pace the difficulty curve, and we're looking at several very different ways of tackling that problem. At the point I'm leaning towards a semi-dynamic system - if it can be implemented within our time constraints. We'll see what happens.

Now I need to get home, for tomorrow is a new day with new challanges and new experiences. It's going to be a wierd week - its the Baltic Sea Festival i town for a few days. So we'll have a tivoli set up right across the street. Its going to be interesting to write code whilst listening to people scream when they ride the attractions. I'll probably come back to that in my next post...

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